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2012 (c)(p) Dizzy Izzy Publishing(BMI)
Licensing Info:
Rollo & Grady Productions- csmith@rollogrady.com


released May 29, 2012

Produced By: J.E. Reynolds
Engineered By: Jon Tally
Mastered By: Jason Carter (Wavelength Mastering. Salem OR.)
The Owsley Brothers are: Jerad E. Reynolds, Brian R. Wise & Jon Talley



all rights reserved


the Owsley Brothers Freeport, Florida

The Owsley Brothers -
John Reinlie- Drums
Zion Cochran - Synths

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Track Name: Hot Mess
Hot Mess

Honey, Can't you See I Got The Devil Inside Of Me
Oh, The Light of Day is a Memory
I'm About to Explode From Barring Such a Heavy Load
Only The Weight of the World That Gnaws at me

I'm a Hot Hot Mess

I'm Nervous & I'm Breakin' Down
Can't Wipe Away This Frown
Pulled The Shades as Tight as They Can Be.
Both End I Let The Candle Burn
Thought By Now That I'd have Learned
But a Static Life Ain't My Cup of Tea

I'm A Hot Hot Mess
Track Name: If It Ain't One Thing
If It Ain't One Thing
Two Am in the Morning With your Head Held In Your Hands
Staring Up at The Ceiling Trying To Understand
How Once Everything was so Good Now The Blues Come Creeping In
Wish you Change it If You Could But Wait a Minute Then Again.

If It Ain't One Thing
You Know It's Another
Its Something Else

Eye's Dried up from Years Of Crying You Know You Held The River Back
It's Clear To Yourself that You've Been Lying & There's No Way to Take it Back
Pull up You Bootstraps & Dust The Cobwebs & Barrel Right Ahead
No Matter How Hard It Is You Try It's right There In Your Head
Track Name: It's Not You
It's Not You..
Beyond The Light of This Stage Everything Starts to Fade. You Know Your way you've Figured Out How To Shake The Day.
And If You Care It's In The Air You Can Grab It if You Dare. It's in the Trees The Way they Smell & The Creatures They know It well.
Easy It Seems Oh, Yes It seem it's Living In a Dream
Most are Confused To Much to Lose They Tie Themselves a Noose

It's Not You..

Beyond The Light of The day. There's a place So far away and when The wind It blows Your Way there's a Clearing in the Haze & if You Dare It's in The Air You can Grab It If You Dare. You lock It Up, You hold It down Keep you feet Right On The Ground. Out Of Your Reach But It seems It's Right where It Should be. You cry aloud begging Please & suddenly There it Is.

It's Not You..
Track Name: Crooked Path
Little Things have Their Way of Eating at Your Soul
Minute, Hours Turn To Days & Highs Turn Into Lows
I Know that Blonde Turns To Grey. But this shall Never Sway. I Stumble Blind and Find The way. Crooked Path I Shall Stay.

The Heart Beat is The Back Beat Of Our Own Love Song..

Everything has It's Reason, Though It Often Doesn't Rhyme. And Our Heart shall Know no Treason, beating steady Right on Time. I've Got Everything I need. For all I need Is You. Constant Backbeat Beating, Both Of Us It's pulsing Through

The Heart Beat is The Back Beat Of Our Own Love Song..
Track Name: Bitter End
Bitter End
I remember a time, way back in the day
When nothing meant a thing
And we never ran out of things to say
And everything went our way
We were so young & We didn't now anything else
First love,it can overcome you and you will lose yourself

Oh, My Friend we cannot pretend no we can't pretend no more.
Oh, it seems to be the end its the bitter end for sure.
It's over

Youth Burns fast , no it never lasts and tomorrow becomes yesterday.
Like the whistling wind hearts do change & it flows by like a train.
One small step, Don't you second guess and paths never cross again.
Then you find yourself looking back at what migh have been.
Track Name: Bad Ju-Ju
Bad Ju-Ju
Tell me what did I do, To Bring on this Bad Ju-Ju
The Omens They Never Lie On This You can rely
Cold Night Sweats with Sleep Dreams untrue I see
They trouble My humble Mind, Oh this you cant Deny
Bad Ju-Ju
Tell Me What Could It be Who Put this Hex On Me
Black Cats They pass Me By,Oh this you cant Deny
Track Name: Rotten On The Vine
Everything's Gone old & The Coffee's gone cold
Fruits rotten on the vine. Your hearts Gone Hard and your skin's gone soft. another day closer to dying. you worry about the lines, them tell tail signs. Oh, failing health.
The mirror tells Lies & So do you eyes and you pity about for yourself.

You Take the Life Outta Livin' Honey thats a fact
You Know we're all headed down a one way track
And When Your Gone you Know You Can't Come Back
You Take the Life Outta Livin' Honey thats a fact

What's The Point of Dyin' if you barley live you know it's just a waste of time.
Flowers have no scent and food no taste., Another day closer to Dyin'
Days go like a freighter slowly Creepin' by & just as long the Night
In The Company of Misery all by yourself & Thats just what you Like.
Track Name: Greasy
Turn Your back Whoa-Whoa & You insert The Blade
Blinded By Love Blinded by Blood Streaming down My Face
From The Trees fall The leaves & For summer we Greave
For Winter has come for more than Just Some. We Choke on The Harvest we Reap.

I Want Everything Easy So What's you Got For Free
You Know You Got To Be Greasy
There's No Room Left For Piety

Turn My Eyes To The Sky & i Question the Day
Why Is This Love Why is this Pain Why is all I Could Say.
But The questions Mean More Than the Anwsers we Face
They're making Me rattle Making me shake I think about em' Everyday